Crysis 3 to Include a Level of Detail Similar to Skyrim Without the “Immense Scale”

May 1, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Crytek has recognized the benefits of creating a truly open world game like Skyrim and wants to incorporate certain elements from the popular Bethesda game into Crysis 3.

Those who played the prior entries in the series will know that the first Crysis provided a much more open world expanse than the second title, which felt focused and narrow in comparison. Crytek hopes to take the benefits that come from both an open world and a more focused, linear experience and combine the two, offering a rich and detailed world that isn’t overly large.

In an interview with Games On Net, Crytek’s Rasmus Hojengaard discussed the direction the studio plans to take with Crysis 3, saying:

In Crysis 3, we want scale, but we don’t want the immense scale that Skyrim has. What we then add is detail within that scale that we decide, so that we get this richness in the environment that we want.

Skyrim, they’re going for epic, epic scale, which means that their micro-detail is prioritized less. Their micro-detail exists in their grandeur rather than in their let’s-take-a-look-at-this-little-thing-here.

Hojengaard went on to point out the importance of providing a super detailed world for the player to explore. By striking the right balance between giving just enough freedom and still offering up an incredibly detailed world, the gamer will apparently be able to better immerse him/herself into the game world.

It isn’t in any way pushing anything but the ambiance of the game, but ambiance in a setting like this is super-important. If you stop and everything’s frozen, it’s not gonna be believable.

You need all these layers with the depth; you need the light-shafts that move, you need the movement of the plants, and you need the little animals that hop around or some random deer that walks across the screen at one point that you can maybe shoot with your bow if you want.

Stuff like this is what’s gonna make people go, ‘Holy crap, this is a rich environment.’ That is our goal.

There’s no doubt that Crytek is really pulling out all the stops on this game. Unfortunately, we’ve still got quite a bit of waiting to do, as Crysis 3 isn’t set to launch until spring of next year.