Miyamoto: Vita Won’t Succeed Without a Stronger Games Lineup

May 4, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

It’s no secret that PlayStation Vita sales have been lagging as of late, with Nintendo’s 3DS quickly beginning to pick up steam. Mario mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto recently shared his thoughts on Sony’s handheld and why it still hasn’t found all that much success.

Speaking to Edge, Miyamoto made it clear that while he is very impressed with the actual hardware of the system, the lineup of available games is sorely lacking. In fact, he praised the Vita for being a “hi-spec machine [that] you can do lots of things with,” though it would be far more successful if it had a “combination of software and hardware.”

The Nintendo developer went on to share how they too struggled to sell the 3DS when it first launched, noting that by launching the hardware without a robust lineup of quality games was their biggest mistake.

When we launched the 3DS hardware we didn’t have Super Mario 3D Land, we didn’t have Mario Kart 7, we didn’t have Kid Icarus: Uprising. We were striving to have all of these ready for the launch, but we weren’t able to deliver them at that time.

We were kind of hoping that people would, nevertheless, buy into the product, find 3DS hardware promising, but looking back we have to say we realize the key software was missing when we launched the hardware.

With E3 just weeks away at this point, let’s hope Sony is preparing to wow its audience with a slew of exciting new Vita titles, or at least tell us when heavy-hitters like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed will release.