Next thatgamecompany Game To Be Announced This Year

May 4, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

thatgamecompany is revered for their artistic, emotion-driven game style, prevalent throughout all three of their PlayStation Network exclusives, Flower, flOw, and Journey. And although their next game may not be another PSN exclusive, it may be revealed soon – as in this year.

thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen, while speaking with VG247, revealed that his company is in negotiations with “various partners” as to who will publish their next game; adding that a publisher should be determined within the next month.

It seems as though thatgamecompany, given their track record, will have an easy time negotiating a new deal – especially since they have yet another game to announce, Chen revealed.

In terms of when you’ll know about the next game, I think we intentionally announce our games very early. We announced Flower half a year after we launched Flow. We announced Journey half a year after we launched Flower. So hopefully within this year, you’ll hear from us about our next game.

After the release of the runaway success, Journey, some of the other founding members of thatgamecompany, including Kellee Santiago and Robin Hunicke, parted ways with the company.

Knowing the quality and direction thatgamecompany is capable of, their next game will be just as groundbreaking, whatever platform it may be on. Let’s just hope that Sony is able to keep them on the PlayStation brand.