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Journey Developer Loses Another Employee, Producer Robin Hunicke Leaves to Work for Tiny Speck

TCG’s former producer Robin Hunicke is leaving the studio work at Tiny Speck, the team behind the browser-based MMO Glitch.

Her official title at the company has not yet been announced, but we do know that “she’ll be providing leadership in game design”. Before working with thatgamecompany Hunicke spent time at Electronic Arts, working on My Sims and Boom Blox.

Hunicke explained her reason behind the departure, saying on her blog that the opportunity to work at Tiny Speck was too great an offer to pass up.

When they told me they had an office in San Francisco, where folks were joining up to imagine new fun for Glitch… well, I must admit I swooned.

This marks the second departure for thatgamecompany this week, with TCG co-founder Kellee Santiago announcing her plans to move on to other pursuits just yesterday. Jenova Chen’s team is beginning to thin out a bit now that Journey has launched, so it looks like the studio head has a bit of recruiting to do.