Hitman: Absolution Stalking Store Shelves November 20th, Sniper Challenge Coming Next Week

Square Enix has just announced the release date for IO Interactive’s stealth action title Hitman: Absolution and—big surprise—it’s coming this November.

The game will see a simultaneous worldwide release on November 20th. In addition, the publisher announced that Hitman: Sniper Challenge, an exclusive pre-order bonus will launch next Tuesday on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

As the title implies, Sniper Challenge is a purely sniper-based experience that makes use of Absolution’s stunning Glacier 2 engine. So, if you’re dying to get your hands on the next Hitman title and can’t wait until November to step into the shoes of Agent 47, pre-order the game now.

Check out the Sniper Challenge trailer below.



In addition to scoring access to Sniper Challenge, pre-ordering the game will earn you all sorts of extra goodies. For all the details on what kinds of extras you can get, head over here.

Does the Sniper Challenge bonus have you sold on pre-ordering the game before its November 20th release? Share your excitement for Absolution in the comments below.