Sony Pushing to Get The Binding of Isaac on PSN

May 10, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Edmund McMillen, the designer behind the quirky, thought-provoking title The Binding of Isaac has recently come forward to speak to the possibility of his game coming to Sony’s PlayStation Network.

According to McMillen, “Sony wants Isaac – a lot.” Considering the fact that the PlayStation Network is now home to a wide array of compelling indie downloadable titles, there’s no reason why The Binding of Isaac wouldn’t be an excellent fit. The developer then went on to tease PlayStation fans about the possibility of it coming to their platform by simply saying “We will see what happens.”

Earlier this year, the game was denied a spot among the 3DS eShop launch library, leaving many to wonder if the title would make its way to the PSN, and in turn, the PlayStation Vita. The game is currently only available for Steam users, so a jump to Sony’s platform would definitely help to generate more awareness for the game.

The Binding of Isaac is a deep and dark title that explores the mature topic of child abuse. Sony has made it clear that they are aiming to make the PlayStation Network the go-to platform for mature gamers, so it should come as no surprise that Sony is pushing hard to have it on the network.