Soul Sacrifice Details: DLC, Local & Online Multiplayer Planned, Release Plans, More

May 10, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

At a recent press conference, Keiji Inafune revealed some details about upcoming PlayStation Vita title Soul Sacrifice.

Players will be able to select from multiple different types (classes?) for their character. They’ll also be able to customize the character further, which will result in a more personalized sorcerer.

Soul Sacrifice is built around a theme of making sacrifices and payments to gain power. The concept is utilized in magic, which doesn’t have a traditional “magic points” system, but rather revolves around making sacrifices to use magic. Big sacrifices result in greater magic powers. For instance, the cost of using Excalibur (presumably a spell) is players sacrificing their lives. Players who use powerful skills repeatedly will begin to lose their human forms. Also, players will be able to have six spells — two sets of three mapped to the circle, triangle, and square buttons that can be toggled with the R shoulder button.

The theme of sacrifice even extends to enemies. When an enemy is defeated, the player can choose to sacrifice the enemy or revive/help it, and will receive different rewards based on the decision that he/she makes. If players are playing Soul Sacrifice cooperatively with others, the group must decide on whether or not to sacrifice a foe. Inafune said that the game has a system in place for addressing group disagreements, but wouldn’t disclose details about what it is.

Soul Sacrifice is planned to support ad-hoc and infrastructure online play, in addition to infrastructure voice chat. Other “Vita-ish” features will be revealed later.

Downloadable content will be part of the game.

Sony had announced a Winter release date for the game, which may or may not mean a 2013 release date, but Inafune has said that he’d like to release the game this year. He also said that nothing has been decided concerning an overseas release.

Yesterday, some first details, art, and screenshots were released for Soul Sacrifice. Check them out here. Also, the first trailer for the game was released, which can be seen here.

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