The Rise and Fall of Metal Gear Online [Community Post]

May 15, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Editor’s Note: The following is a community post by PSLS reader Kick_in_ur_Face, who says a fond goodbye to Metal Gear Online, which is sadly shutting down on June 12th, 2012.

Metal Gear Online, or MGO as it was known to its players, will be ending soon in June. It is the best multiplayer I have ever played, and as a tribute I can simply write about my memories of such a game, but there are of course ups and downs of Metal Gear Online.

Let’s start at the beginning: In the early days of MGO it was impossible to join a game without Aim Bots. The memory that always comes to mind is the one I tell the most. I remember on the map “U.U.” I saw an enemy across the bridge, a distance shot, and I wasn’t the best shot at this time. I aimed; fired one shot and missed. This player, as I fired, turned around and shot me between the eyes, and before I even began to fall down, the player had already turned around and was continuing on his path. Konami soon did away with the majority of Aim Bots, but they still exist even though people dispute the fact. Even with such shenanigans, the game was extremely fun. I dreamed about MGO when I was sleeping and I dreamed of MGO when I was awake. I was a great sniper in my hayday. M.M. is the map of choice for sniping and my fondest memory is me taking on 3 snipers and destroying them all. 3 up, 3 down, respawn and 3 more down – those were the days. Learning how to knife made the game even better. Waiting for that one person to come around the corner just so you can toss him down, and use your stun knife and then eventually use your knife to completely kill him.

Then there was the time I remember where the opponent used a DSR-1 (one shot sniper rifle) to kill members of our team and I ran out with an AK47, aimed at his head and got a headshot while he killed me with his cheap tactics. You just know when you’re better than someone else and you have to take the moral victory. These were all fun memories for me but there were some bad too. Everyone knows about the horrible lag that came with MGO. Hit someone with a grenade and they go flying, and if you don’t kill them right away they disappear and reappear about 5 feet from where they were and now they have a free shot on you. That’s not really a problem but an inconvenience. I always had a rule – if they are wearing Red they are cheaters. The people in red always did the impossible shots. I was watching YouTube MGO videos and this guy was simply shooting at spots before someone was there and getting massive kills and in the comments people were saying you’re the best player but I call bullshit. When your reticule doesn’t drop below the neck, EVER, you’re full of shit.

But let’s get into the other problems I had. All the problems I have mentioned are issues, but you can deal with those. What I couldn’t deal with were the whiners. Oh my god; the whiners! In MGO you had the ability to create games and set all parameters from what guns you could use to what game type and map you were playing. It got completely annoying. If a host sucked against grenades he simply removed them from play. Some games you played with no sniper rifles or no rifles in general. What I really hated was when you’re just trying to play a Team Stealth Game and there are special rules of how to play it. The constant special rule on all Team Stealth games was NO RUSHING! The players turned the game type into Hide and Seek. You sat back as the invisible team and waited for the defending team to come find you. It was completely boring. All you would hear was “Kick Him, He’s Rushing!” Oddly enough these weren’t the only whiners in the game. When you kill anyone who was a higher level than you they would either leave to protect their stats or they would come on the mic and be like “that guy is cheating, I’m too good and if he’s killing me, he must be cheating”. This game was killed by the players. You just couldn’t have fun anymore. Between the special rules (literally in every game) and the whiners who played them, there was no point anymore. This was the longest I have ever played multiplayer and it was the greatest experience I have ever had. I no longer play MGO but will be sad when the game goes offline. Farewell Metal Gear Online. Long live H34dHuNtEr and Raidens_Clone.

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