Darksiders II “Critical Path” Playtime to Clock in at 25+ Hours

May 23, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Vigil Games is aiming to provide gamers with plenty of bang for their buck with Darksiders II, claiming that completing the game’s “critical path” should take you at least 25 hours.

Speaking to VG247 at THQ’s pre-E3 event in London, Vigil creative manager Jeremy Greiner discussed the game’s campaign length, saying that this sequel is definitely a larger and longer experience than the original Darksiders.

Clocktime for an average playthrough is really hard to put a finger on right now since we’re going through finalization. But I’d say easily the critical path is gonna be 25 plus hours. Just looking as usability right now, that’s easy. But we have a ton of side content. Darksiders II is a much bigger game than Darksiders 1 in a couple of ways.

Greiner went on to discuss how Darksiders II trumps the original in more than just length, pointing out that the sheer scope of the game blows the first title out of the water.

The scale is bigger. It’s much more grounded, it’s much more epic, we put a lot in the engine to accomplish that from a visual standpoint. At the same time, it’s a much bigger game content wise. And we’re all working to polish all that up to a AAA quality as we speak.

Darksiders II is set to release in stores this August for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.