SCEA LinkedIn Reconfirms Gran Turismo 6 Development

Kazunori Yamauchi may have already confirmed that Polyphony Digital is working on Gran Turismo 6, but with the turbulent development cycle of the last entry in the series, it’s always good to see someone else accidentally confirming it.

Spotted on NeoGAF, the LinkedIn profile for Brian Dunn, Associate Brand Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC., openly stated (now removed) that he was helping manage Gran Turismo 6, something that can be seen here thanks to Google Cache:

Managing the following titles and franchises at Sony Computer Entertainment America as product manager, handling strategic planning, day-to-day marketing activities, and lifecycle management:

Gran Turismo 6 and GT franchise, The Last Guardian, MotorStorm, Journey, Carnival Island, other titles yet to be announced.

GT5 is also mentioned in the past tense, making it unlikely that it was a typo. So that again begs the question we have asked before – will GT6 be on PS3 or PS4?

Historically, each Sony home console system has seen two GT games, but with the next gen already rapidly approaching, and GT5 arguably pushing the PS3’s limits, it’s possible that Sony is planning to release GT6 early in the PS4’s lifecyle, giving it that extra push that the PS3 missed out on.