id Software Hiring For Next Gen FPS

May 25, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Sure, the PS3 might be getting more great games than ever before, but more and more developers are already setting their sights on the next gen. Now, we’ve uncovered a job listing that suggests that id Software are working on a FPS for the next gen.

A id Software job advert for a Senior Environment Artist states that “the ideal candidate should have experience with the full range of Next-Gen asset creation”, which points towards the game being for the next gen. Console development experience is also mentioned, so it’s unlikely the title is PC only.

With Doom 4 supposedly set to release next year for PS3, 360 and PC, there’s always the chance that a higher-def version will come to PS4 and 720. Other possible titles include Wolfenstein, Rage 2 or Quake V, although there’s always the chance that the game is a new IP. However, a job listing for a Senior Level Designer does ask for “familiarity with id Software games, characters, brands and worlds”, so even if it is a new IP, don’t expect a big change in design.

What would you like id Software to be working on for the next gen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.