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Gust Cookin’ Up More PS3 RPGs With Atelier Ayesha

May 27, 2012Written by Heath Hindman

Atelier Meruru isn’t even out in North America yet (though that will change this Tuesday), but already Gust is crankin’ out videos and info for the PS3’s next Atelier title, to be called Atelier Ayesha.

This is an event scene:


And here’s the game’s official opening video:


The game is said to expand upon the battle system established in previous games, with, of course, some slight modifications. Likewise, the alchemy system will remain largely the same, but this time around, players can add ingredients to the mix while an item is still in the process of being synthesized — kind of like how I keep adding BBQ sauce the whole time my chicken is being grilled. It’s a three-day weekend, so I’m thinking about cookouts.

Check out more Atelier Ayesha stuff on its official Japanese website, and importers, mark the calendar for June 28th if you’re looking to gran this one early. NIS America will almost surely bring this across the pond, though these games tend to take about a year to localize.