Avalanche Working with Square on New Open World Game

May 28, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Avalanche, the development studio behind the popular Just Cause series is currently working with Square (yet again) on another open world action game. Just Cause 3 anyone?

This news comes from an email sent to Eurogamer regarding a recruitment event that is being held later this week, where the studio confirmed that they are currently working on both current and next-gen games. They went on to describe this particular Square published project as being a “ground breaking action title.”

Square Enix was responsible for publishing the first two Just Cause games, so there’s reason to believe that this unannounced open world title from Avalanche is in fact another installment in the series. It’s also worth mentioning that Square has already gone ahead and registered domains for not only Just Cause 3, but also a fourth installment as well.

Earlier this year Avalanche discussed the popular topic of next-gen hardware, noting that a new entry in Just Cause would be perfect for Sony’s next platform.