Darksiders 2 World so Large That Vigil Requested Two Extra Months

Darksiders-2-Guardian-Trailer-1.jpg (685×300)

Vigil Games has said the reason why the two month delay for Darksiders 2 came into effect was due to the sequel’s world being so large.

Producer Jeremy Grainer told G4 (via BeefJack) that even though the original Darksiders was a huge game, its successor “takes that light-years further”.

The first installment’s story had a story of around 20 hours, but Darksiders 2 takes that length a step further with the game apparently featuring a 25 hour playthrough at the very least.

There is so much to this game that we asked for an extra couple of months to polish it up, because it’s literally that big. And then when you [factor in] side questing and the replayability, you can really get lost in this content.

Everything about Darksiders 2 is similar and dissimilar to the first game, so when you talk to enemies and characters, they’re all different. We could have done the easy thing and ported everything across, but we introduced a new protagonist, so he needed new enemies and new layers to explore.

Darksiders 2 is currently scheduled for a release on August 14th, 2012.