F2P Shooter No Man’s Land Launches Today on PS Home

June 20, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Despite being a bit of a ghost town early on, Home has steadily grown a decent library of games and spaces for the socially inclined. The latest title to hit the platform might be the most interesting yet – No Man’s Land, a free-to-play shooter.

Developed by VEEMEE, the game is set in a devastated wasteland where you have to fight with tribes of heavily armed enemies played by other Home users:

Cade Peterson, Community Manager for PlayStation Digital Platforms said on the PS Blog:

We are proud to bring you this breakthrough Home experience. Comprised of industry veterans who have worked across a wide range of platforms and genres, VEEMEE saw a unique opportunity with PlayStation Home to evolve gaming by blending the immersive gameplay endemic to AAA games with the social and “freemium” aspects of casual games. This is something that is only possible on PlayStation, with its free online network and vibrant community. No Man’s Land is a game that brings something new – and a bit different – to the Home platform.

The game is a cover-based third-person tactical shooter with 4v4 team battles.

Will you try out No Man’s Land, or are you more interested in the F2P shooter Dust 514? Let us know in the comments below.