Gaikai Reportedly Looking For a Buyer

After rumors emerged ahead of E3 that Sony was planning on buying Gaikai, a new rumor claims that the cloud gaming company is looking for a buyer.

CNN reports that sources claims that Gaikai has “already has hired bankers, and is expecting well in excess of $500 million” on a sale. Possible buyers obviously include Microsoft and Sony, but also cable and broadband companies, game publishers, Samsung, and retailers.

Gaikai obviously haven’t commented on the matter, and neither have any potential buyers – but Sony did previously say that cloud was inevitable, and that they were looking into bringing cloud to PlayStation. In a rumored leaked document from Microsoft outlining their next gen plans, the platform holder discussed the possibility of acquiring OnLive and said that they aimed to get into cloud gaming in 2015.

If the rumor is true, Gaikai is sure to be a very popular company and have many suitors, so it’ll be interesting to see who is prepared to pay the most to get the company.