id Software: “We Haven’t Forgotten About” RAGE

July 5, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Remember that really pretty post-apocalyptic shooter from id Software that released last year? Afraid the developer has moved on to other pursuits – like Doom 4 – and forgotten about the RAGE franchise entirely? Well you can rest easy as the team at id Software certainly hasn’t forgotten about last year’s ambitious shooter.

In an interview with GameReactor, studio director Sam Willits assured gamers that the company hopes to bring more RAGE content sometime in the future.

We have a few things that we may announce soon, but I’m not sure. We haven’t forgotten about the title, and as soon as we have more news, we will definitely announce it.

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle were quite impressed with its gorgeous visuals and fluid combat. Would you like to see id Software flesh out more of RAGE’s post-apocalyptic universe, or would their time be better spent elsewhere? You decide in the comments below.