Spector Talks Epic Mickey 3, Hopes to Make “a Full-Blown Interactive Musical Game”

July 5, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

While Epic Mickey 2 still has yet to be released, that hasn’t stopped the famed game designer Warren Spector from spouting off on the inevitable third installment.

In an interview with IGN, Spector discussed the musical-based portions of Epic Mickey 2, noting that if the content is received well, gamers will get a lot more of it in the third game, calling the move “baby steps to create a full-blown interactive musical game.”

It’s clear that a lot of this was planned from the start, as the foundation for the Epic Mickey sequel was established several years ago.

One of the parts of my process is I figure out a three-story arc, like a narrative arc. I always knew that the second game was gonna be two-player co-op and that Oswald was gonna be a playable character. I knew that in 2005. That was a done deal.

So if gamers respond well to the musical portions of Epic Mickey 2, get ready because Spector warns: “I just want to see if people will accept songs in games and, if they do, next time I’m going crazy. People don’t even know what’s gonna hit ’em.”