Rumor: Next Rocksteady Batman Game to be a Prequel, Set During the Silver Age of Comics

It looks like the Caped Crusader may be taking a trip back to the fifties, as Rocksteady’s next Batman title is rumored to be set during the Silver Age of DC Comics.

The news comes from Variety, which is reporting that this third installment in the popular Arkham series will be a prequel that delves into Batman’s first meetup with the Joker. It is important to note that this is around the same time that the Dark Knight teamed up with Superman to start the Justice League.

With the recent success of Marvel’s film adaptation of The Avengers, there’s been talk of  DC doing something similar with a Justice League movie, and a properly-timed Rocksteady tie-in would work quite nicely. Regardless, it looks like this alleged Arkahm City followup is still a couple of years away, as the outlet reports that the game will “bow in 2014 at the earliest.”

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