PlayStation Store Preview – July 17th, 2012

July 16, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

We’re back with another PlayStation LifeStyle original, often-imitated but never duplicated, PlayStation Store Preview. Don’t trust the fakes out there, only we have the most complete PlayStation Store Preview on the entire face of the planet. Okay, enough with the bragging and nose-rubbing, and onto the goods. This week’s update is all about Dyad. Let’s face it. There’s plenty of other content, but there’s nothing quite like Dyad. It’s a little slow this week, but PSN Play is so close to kicking off and providing a steady stream of new releases including… Sound Shapes – a favorite of ours. Make sure you check out our PS Vita section to see all of the reasons to pick one up right now (sarcastic sigh). No, but really, do check out our Coming Soon section which has been updated with the entire PSN Play line-up and so much more.

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