Vigil: Four Player Co-Op Considered For Darksiders, Still Interested In Possibility In The Future

Four friends might not have been able to play through Darksiders together, but Vigil might like to see them be able to in the future.

IncGamers reports that Darksiders II Lead Designer Haydn Dalton revealed in an interview that Vigil Games had wanted the first Darksiders title to be a four player co-op game, but a lack of console experience and working in a new genre had kept them from exploring the idea. Vigil had also considered implementing co-op of some kind in Darksiders II, but decided that it was too risky to include it and also noted that gamers had enjoyed their approach with the original game, so they didn’t want to take that experience away from them.

When asked if Vigil was still interested in the possibility of a four player co-op Darksiders game, Dalton said they “absolutely” were, but said that the puzzles would have to change “quite a lot.” He explained that the team designs puzzles with a focus on a single player’s perspective and that co-op puzzles would be “a whole new challenge” for the team. He also said that they’d have to figure out how a game like that would work if someone wanted to play by themselves.

A four player co-op game with Darksiders‘ style of gameplay sounds interesting. Would you like to see one?