Gotham Knights 4-Player Co-op

Gotham Knights 4-Player Co-op Coming After All in Free Heroic Assault Mode

Players have long been hoping for Gotham Knights 4-player co-op to be added seeing as the campaign features four heroes trying to restore the city of Gotham to its former glory following the death of Batman. While the campaign will continue to be co-op for only two players, WB Games Montreal has finally revealed a four-player co-op mode in the form of Heroic Assault, which will be added as a free post-launch update.

What is the Gotham Knights 4-Play Co-op mode?

Heroic Assault mode is completely independent of the game’s campaign. The 4-player co-op mode provides a dedicated arena-like environment for players to Gotham Knights complete objectives and defeat enemies. The arena has 30 floors to complete in total. Details on rewards and the types of objectives players will need to complete are a mystery right now as the game’s FAQ barely covers the basics, but we do know the mode will be released as a free update on November 29.

Four-player co-op had previously been rumored for the game after an update to the Gotham Knights PlayStation Store page claimed that this number of players was supported by the game’s co-op modes. This was soon changed after the mistake was pointed out but not after many fans had already noticed the faux pas.