Vigil Discusses the Possibility of Darksiders 3, Planning for a Smaller, More Polished Followup

If you enjoyed the original Darksiders and can’t wait to get your hands on the sequel, you’ll want to be sure you get as many of your friends as possible to pick up the game as well, because a third installment hinges heavily upon the game’s success.

While this is practically always the case with sequels, the stakes for this franchise are incredibly, high if only because of the new leadership at THQ. President Jason Rubin wants revitalize the company, and to do so, changes will have to be made. Hopefully Vigil’s sequel delivers on everything it promises and sells accordingly.

According to Haydn Dalton, the game’s lead designer, if they manage to sell “4 or 5 million units” Rubin will likely green-light a third game. It’s certainly no small feat, but Vigil seems up to the challenge. However, Dalton also notes that they’d need to “reduce the scope so that we can make it even higher polished.” That’s understandable considering how massive the second installment allegedly is.

Look for Darksiders 2 when it hits store shelves this August.