Wei Investigates Organ Harvesting In Police Investigation Mission Developer Walkthrough For Sleeping Dogs

Wei has to investigate the murder of several Triads in a newly released mission walkthrough for Sleeping Dogs.

The walkthrough video shows one of the game’s Police Investigation missions, in which Wei must risk compromising his undercover identity as a Triad to assist the police of Hong Kong with a case. In this mission, Wei is asked to investigate several Triad murders and eventually discovers that the victims of the murders have had their organs harvested. Wei must help a member of the Hong Kong police find out who’s conducting the organ harvesting and help her gain a lead in the case.

A couple of gameplay features are shown in the video, including the use of disguises to infiltrate areas, using “fast talk” (via a timed button press) to persuade characters in conversation, and the unscrewing of a vent to place a bug using the analog sticks. Wei’s smartphone also comes into play at several points in the mission: to take images of bodies, to hack a computer, and to calibrate the bug using both analog sticks.

The ability to play as an undercover cop looks like it might open up some variety for Sleeping Dogs‘ missions. Are you more interested in playing as a cop or a criminal in open-world games?