Scourge: Outbreak Coming to PSN in a “Couple of Months’ Time”

Developer Tragnarion Studios has announced that their third-person shooter Scourge: Outbreak is in the final stages of development.

They explained on the PS Blog that they are “hard at work wrapping things up and getting the game ready for launch in a couple of months’ time.”

Lead game designer Omar Salleh shared that “we’re especially keen to see players get a kick out of the co-op narrative style that we’ve developed, whereby each of the game’s four playable characters experiences their own unique flashbacks throughout the game.”

These memories are designed to fit together as a kind of jig-saw puzzle, so the best way to get the full picture is to discuss them with your buddies. Some show dubious details about yourself, while others cast doubt on your squad-mates.

Scourge: Outbreak is coming to PSN, 360 and Mac later this year.