LucasArts Talks Realism and Violence in Star Wars 1313: “It’s for Adults, Not for Psychopaths”

Star Wars 1313 made quite a splash at E3 thanks to its incredible visuals that approach a level of realism we’ve never seen before in gaming. As such, the question of how much blood, gore and guts will be present in the game almost immediately became the topic of discussion.

Speaking to OXM, creative director Dominic Robilliard spoke to the violence of Star Wars 1313, pointing out the importance of striking the right balance between realism and graphic violence.

When you can render characters that look like the ones in our game – and other games – you get to this realism level where you really don’t want to encourage that kind of thing. Seeing that kind of reaction from gamers. It may well be human nature, but you don’t want to put content out there that pushes those buttons.

We had a lot of questions from people saying: mature Star Wars? Does that mean we’re going to see blood and guts all over the place? That’s not it at all – it’s not what we’re shooting for. I don’t think that would ever fit in Star Wars, really.

Robilliard went on to add that they’re creating a game “for adults, not for psychopaths”, so they want to stay true to the Star Wars style as best as they can.