Rumor: Crash Bandicoot, Tomba Coming to PlayStation All-Stars

The beloved PlayStation One mascot Crash Bandicoot has appeared yet again in a “leaked” image allegedly taken from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. This time, the image looks pretty authentic and includes other unannounced characters including Sackboy and Tomba.

The image was posted on Reddit and is clearly taken off-screen, so the quality is less than stellar.

Crash was the undisputed face of the original PlayStation, so one would expect Sony would have him in PSABR, even though the character has long since been sold to Activision. Tomba however, comes from a far less recognizable platforming series named after the game’s main character. This bright and colorful 2D side-scroller was full of light-hearted humor and evil pigs. Yes, evil pigs.

Sony has already confirmed other lesser known retro characters like PaRappa and Toro, so Tomba will certainly fit nicely in with the rest of the roster. Granted, Sony has yet to confirm either Crash or Tomba as characters for PSABR so we’ll have to treat this as rumor for the time being.