Guacamelee to Feature PS3-Vita Connectivity

The second the Wii U was announced, many began to wonder whether the PS3 and Vita could easily replicate Nintendo’s controller-with-a-screen and console connectivity. Drinkbox Studios aims to prove the pair of PlayStation devices can do just that, with upcoming PSN exclusive Guacamelee having some level of connectivity between the Vita and the PS3.

Drinkbox Studios’ Chris McQuinn told us in an email:

We’re integrating the Vita as a PS3 controller for Guacamelee, utilizing the Vita screen for a mini-map, and hopefully more. Does this sound like a next-gen console you’ve heard of perhaps? As far as we know, we’re the first game doing this.

Drinkbox will be at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle at later this month to show the game as well as the interaction between the Sony handheld and console. The game itself is set to release sometime early next year.