Naughty Dog Recruits BioShock Infinite Art Director

Last week we reported that Irrational Games’ art director Nate Wells had left the studio, along with director of product development, Tim Gerritson. Now, it looks like Wells has found a new job at one of the best developers in the world – Naughty Dog.

Wells said on Twitter:

I’m taking my talents to South Beach. Wait. I mean Naughty Dog and The Last of Us. Can’t wait.

Scott Sinclair of Irrational Games is set to take Wells’ position at the developer, and the team have also hired Rod Fergusson, who was the director of production for Epic Games. Wells commented on the recent recruitment frenzy on Twitter:

Ignore the panicked press speculation. Trust me instead: #BioshockInfinite will be an unforgettably special game. (and quite beautiful).

So, instead of panicking, we’re going to sit back and image BioShock Infinite mixed with Uncharted mixed with The Last of Us