PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Delayed to November

Update: The delay is now official, with SuperBot saying that they want to “spend more time polishing and tuning the game”.

Original Story:

If you were hoping to squeeze in some brawling before the holiday rush, it looks like you’ll have to postpone your plans a few weeks, as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has officially been delayed a full month.

The game was originally set to release on October 23rd, but has now been pushed to November 20th according to the PlayStation Blog. Apparently they jumped the gun, because the story has just been pulled from the main page. With a private beta currently underway, there’s a good chance SuperBot realized this game’s going to need a bit more refining than previously expected.

While PlayStation All-Stars has been dismissed by gamers as being nothing more than a Super Smash Bros. clone, we got some hand-on time with the game and found that it offers up just enough different to make it its own unique experience. For more details on Sony’s character mashup fighter, check out our preview right here.

Are you excited for PlayStation All-Stars? Of the characters announced thus far, who are you most looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments below.