Which Games We Want Sony To Reveal At gamescom 2012

With Sony’s gamescom conference only a day away, we can’t wait to see what the platform holder has up their sleeves, so to share some of our excitement here’s what we want Sony to reveal at gamescom 2012.

Sebastian Moss:

Agent – I’m a sucker for anything Rockstar, especially R* North, so I was incredibly buzzed to hear about Agent… back in 2009. Since then we’ve heard basically nothing, and they’re not even confirming whether it’s still alive. My guess is that it isn’t, but that doesn’t stop me hoping for a surprise re-reveal at gamescom.

MM’s new IP – The generation is drawing to a close, which means that a lot of publishers are shying away from new IP. Sony? They’re bringing The Last of Us and Beyond, two very high budget new IPs out next year. But I want more. How about Media Molecule’s new IP that is “even more ambitious than LBP was when it was conceived 6 years ago”? With 7 million user created levels so far, LBP‘s impact on this generation can’t be denied. I want to see what’s next.

Dan Oravasaari:

Next PixelJunk title – With the release of PixelJunk 4am in May this year, it might be a bit early to hear what they have been working on. Yet, an announcement of their next project would be a good way to show continued support before the PS4 is announced. Also, with the PS Vita needing titles – a PixelJunk title that has PS3 and PSVita compatibility might push some much needed sales for their handheld.

inFamous Vita – In much the same respect, Sony really needs to start pushing their new and already light on titles handheld. InFamous has been gaining ground as their protagonist Cole has started making appearances on a few highly publicized titles, and it would be a misstep to not capitalize on this popularity. Also, with the Vita’s unique control schemes, we could see a new set of abilities not possible with the DS3. Which could possibly reinvigorate the series early, and push it into new levels at the height of its success.

Alex Osborn:

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – We’ve known about the game for a good six years now. It has been delayed, allegedly cancelled, revived and just about anything else you could imagine. Needless to say, the wait for Final Fantasy Versus XIII has taken eager fans on a roller-coaster ride of ups and down, reveals and delays, so there’s a part of me that really wants to actually play this game and another that just wishes the drama would end already. If it is in fact real, show us the game, give us a release date and get the product out. If not, just cancel it and stop stringing us along, Nomura! The PS3 isn’t getting any younger.

Kingdom Hearts III – If you haven’t realized it by now, I’m kind of a fan of Tetsuya Nomura’s work. The guy has not only had his hands busy with the aforementioned Versus XIII, but also a slew of Kingdom Hearts spinoffs, including one for the PSP and 3DS. While those are all well and good, fans like myself want the next major installment in the series. Let us wield a Keyblade and slice down the Heartless in glorious high definition. And for crying out loud, give us an HD collection of the first two games!

Cameron Teague:

The Last Guardian – Yes it has already been announced, but this is a game that has really gone through a ton of bad press, with people wondering if the game will ever be released. That’s why Sony will bring the noise with gameplay, tons of updates on it, and a “firm” release date. Of course, most likely it won’t be shown and will join Duke Nukem Forever and Versus XIII as games that will take far too long to release.

Monster Hunter Vita – I know this series is bigger in Japan and might make more sense for Tokyo Game Show, but with Sony really needing something huge to help push the Vita, this would be a huge announcement, with even more on the game coming at TGS. Monster Hunter for the Vita would be just the kick up the ass that the Vita and Sony need to start selling more hardware.

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