The Last Guardian Having “Certain Technical Issues,” But Still in Development for PS3

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida provided an update this morning on the status of the long delayed The Last Guardian. After we discovered the trademark had been abandoned last week, it was thought that perhaps the game had been scrapped completely.

Sony followed up not long after with confirmation that the game does still exist, but many were left thinking that it could be pushed to Sony’s next-gen console. Apparently this is not the case as Yoshida confirmed to Eurogamer that “the game is developed on PS3”, they’re just having some technical problems.

The team is still working on it very hard, there are certain technical issues they’ve been working on. That’s the period of time when the game, looking from the outside, doesn’t seem to be making much progress. But internally there is a lot of work going into creating the title.

Let’s hope they’ll be able to get the game into playable form sooner rather than later. Apparently “it turned out the technical issues are much harder to solve. So the engineering team had to go back and re-do some of the work they had done.”

With the PS4 looming on the horizon, you’d think they’d be aiming to get this game out by the end of next year. At least, one would hope.