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EA Labels President Teases Gamers, I’ve “Seen Both” the Next PlayStation and Xbox

EA labels president Frank Gibeau essentially confirmed the existence of the next Xbox and PlayStation by revealing at gamescom that he has seen both next-gen iterations of Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

According to Gamespot, Gibeau, after discussing the rise of free-to-play for quite some time, shifted gears to the future of the industry from a hardware standpoint, stating flat out that he has “seen both of them”, referring to the next Xbox and PlayStation. He added:

Ten years ago we used to measure our market in terms of 200 million people. Now we are at a billion people playing games and we have a straight line view on 2 billion.

While I doubt anyone would deny the fact that the PlayStation 4 is in development, this is the first time we’ve heard a publishing exec acknowledge its existence at a large public event. With the next wave of consoles likely launching late next year, there’s no doubt it is growing increasingly difficult to keep quiet on the successor to the PS3.