Ubisoft Unveils Extended Look at Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gameplay

If Ubisoft’s E3 reveal for Splinter Cell: Blacklist had you intrigued back in June, this new extended look at the game’s campaign will have you all the more eager for its release.

Watch below as the game’s creative director Maxime Beland walks you through over ten minutes worth of gameplay. The visuals look fantastic, the action is fast and fluid… What’s not to love?

With such a clear focus on action, hardcore stealth fans of the original Splinter Cell titles may be left feeling a little disappointed. With the rising success of action heavy titles like Call of Duty, it’s just a natural progression for our industry (like it or not).

Do you like this transition or are you adverse to the change? We’ve seen it happen with the Resident Evil franchise as well as BioWare’s Mass Effect series. Let us know what you think of the change and your overall impressions of the Blacklist footage in the comments below.