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Rumor: The Next-Generation PlayStation Will Support 4K Resolution

If you’re hoping to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4 when it inevitably launches, you may want to start saving for a new television now, as a recent report from BGR suggests that Sony’s next gaming machine will support 4K resolution.

For those that aren’t familiar with 4K, just think of it as super high definition, which provides a picture that is nearly double the resolution of 1080p. With this being new technology and all, picking up a set like this is far from cheap, with Sony’s 80-inch 4K XBR LED priced at $30,000.

Fortunately this likely won’t end up jacking up the price of the console itself all that much, as current 4K Blu-ray players are somewhere in the ballpark of $200. That said, it certainly wouldn’t aid in helping Sony launch the console at an affordable price either.

We’ve seen Sony introduce something new to the console space with each iteration of the PlayStation. From CDs to DVDs to Blu-ray, there’s always been a new format. Perhaps this time they’ll simply be pushing 4K?

Let us know what you think about this potential move in the comments below.