Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC Launching Next Week for Premium Members on PS3

All you Battlefield 3 fans eagerly anticipating the next round of downloadable content don’t have very long to wait, especially if you’re a subscriber of Battlefield Premium.

Armored Kill is set to launch on September 4th for PlayStation gamers who subscribe to DICE’s service, leaving non-subscribers waiting until September 18th. Those with the Xbox 360 or PC version have to wait a week longer, with the content going live for premium subscribers on the 11th and for everyone else on the 25th.

The DLC adds a total of five new vehicles, four new maps and a new “Tank Superiority” mode, expanding on an already massive online experience. Those looking for the ultimate Battlefield 3 experience will definitely want to pick up this add-on, as it features the largest map the franchise has ever seen.

In an industry where the majority of third-party timed exclusive content goes in Microsoft’s favor, it’s great to see Armored Kill arriving earlier for the PlayStation crowd.