New Housebuilding Skyrim DLC Announced, Dubbed Hearthfire

Bethesda has just revealed its second second DLC pack for Skyrim, which adds a domestic element to the Elder Scrolls experience.

The content is called Hearthfire and allows players to construct their own house, raise a family and maintain their property. From what we can tell, the pack doesn’t add any story-specific or combat-heavy content.

Along with this reveal, the publisher also released a trailer that goes over all of the key additions. Give it a watch below:

There’s currently no word yet on when it will arrive on the PlayStation 3, but Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the content starting September 4th. Considering how poorly Bethesda has supported Skyrim since its launch, it’s safe to assume we’ve got a fair amount of waiting ahead of us.

Are you frustrated by the fact that Xbox 360 owners will be getting two batches of DLC before PS3 gamers get even one? The wait for Dawnguard has been far to long if you ask me.