Sony Details Wonderbook: Book of Spells Release Bundles

Sony has finally released a few new details on the upcoming Wonderbook add-on for the PlayStation 3. This Move-centric experience will launch in the form of three different bundles as detailed by the EU PlayStation Blog.

According to the blog, consumers who already have a PS3 will be able to pick up a Move bundle that comes complete with everything needed to play aside from the console itself. Here’s what it includes:

  • Book of Spells game
  • Wonderbook peripheral
  • PlayStation Eye camera
  • PlayStation Move motion controller

The second option is for those that already have the necessary move hardware and will only include the Book of Spells game in addition to the Wonderbook peripheral. And finally, those without a PS3, can opt for the largest Wonderbook package, which includes the console, game and all the necessary peripherals.

While Wonderbook may not be at the top of most hardcore gamers’ lists, there’s a lot of potential here to reach a younger demographic, that is, if the price is right.

Wonderbook is set to launch on November 13th in the U.S.