Kat’s Inclusion Leaked For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Kat has been a character long rumored for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale chiefly due to the her unique design, critical acclaim, and her interesting battle ready abilities. Many have also been led to believe Kat would be representing the Vita, while filling in another much needed female character slot (the only other confirmed females so far are Fat Princess, and Nariko).

Of course photographic evidence is a lot more convincing than thousands of fans’ sheer hope, and force of will, and that’s what we’re here to share with you today.

According to AGB, the screenshot above was allegedly snapped from PlayStation All-Stars official website before being removed. If you stare long, and hard at a couple of Battle Royale combatants on the site, you’ll realize the picture is either an immaculate photoshop, or indeed real. In order to further check the ‘screenshots’ authenticity I scrolled through nearly 400 pictures of Kat without a single render matching the one used in the photo above, further reducing the chances that it’s fake.

Then finally we have this very convincing picture that despite being a little blurry depicts Kat in the previously beta leaked Loco Roco stage, however, the stage is in a much different animated state than the former leak most notably featuring a Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus seemingly approaching the stage. Kat again is in a pose previously not depicted, leading extra credence to the image.

With TGS right around the corner, SCE Japan Studio’s Kat may be officially revealed sooner rather than later. Do you think Kat will make a worthy addition to Battle Royale‘s All-Star roster, or is Kat’s inclusion unjustified?