PaRappa’s Designer Not Happy PaRappa’s In Violent PlayStation All-Stars; Wants to Make PaRappa Sequel

While I’ve been wistfully dreaming of a God of War style blood mode for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (if Kratos lacks the ability to decapitate people who look at him funny, then how do we truly know he’s the God of wonderfully senseless violence War) artist Rodney Greenblat (best known for designing the characters PaRappa, and UmJammer Lammy) sang a different tune when questioned about PaRappa’s inclusion in Battle Royale:

I’m very happy that Parappa is making a bit of a comeback, but not so happy about him being in a weapon filled battle game.

I’d love to criticize Rodney for his mother-loving peaceful ways, but I can’t help but respect his thoughtful perspective on the situation that transcends past his issues with PaRappa kicking Fat Princess’ teeth in:

My hope is that Sony realizes the golden true potential of PaRappa and asks me to design some new games. I’ve learned a lot, and I think PaRappa could be great again.

The ‘true golden potential’ bit may be a little idealistic, but PlayStation All-Stars has no doubt brought PaRappa into the limelight for the first time in years as a classic PlayStation mascot. If Battle Royale does become a smash success, I could easily see PaRappa starring in a cross-platform PlayStation Network rhythm game.

Do you believe PaRappa’s child-friendly positive message spreading ways puts him in a place that should be kept beyond high-octane combat, or is his spot in Playstation All-Stars too important for the future of the potential franchise?