Vita Tells Little King’s Story October 2

Konami has revealed October 2nd as the official North American release date for the Vita sequel to Wii RPG Little King’s Story, craftily named New Little King’s Story. The game will only be released in digital download form, most likely a sign that Konami does not believe physical sales would justify the overhead costs of producing a physical copy.

The original Little King’s Story was released for the Wii in 2009, having been developed by Cing published in North America by XSeed games. Its gameplay had a theme of building, starting with very little and moving on up. Players controlled, obviously, the little king himself and gave orders to NPCs to help him improve the world around him, all the while taking the king on RPG-style quests and fighting some rather lengthy boss battles. The Vita version will add online play, more customization to the NPCs, and “love elements.”

Here are some screenshots of the Vita version in action.

An approximate file size has not been revealed, but the Japanese version was 807 MB.