Borderlands 2 to See Digital Launch on PSN Alongside Retail Release

Those of you quick to embrace a digital only future will be pleased to know you can download Borderlands 2 on launch day right off the PlayStation Store.

As announced on the PlayStation Blogcast, on release day, September 18th, PlayStation gamers will be able to hop online and download a digital version of Gearbox’s highly anticipated role-playing shooter. Unfortunately there won’t be any sort of discount on the digital version, as it bears the same $59.99 price tag. At least Sony and Gearbox are taking steps to making the PlayStation Network a more viable digital market.

It’s also worth reminding PlayStation Plus subscribers that the original Borderlands is free, so if you haven’t already picked up the title, you’ve still got a few days to delve into the first game before the sequel’s launch.

Will you be picking up Borderlands 2 when it launches next week? If so, will you be getting the boxed copy or opt for the digital version? Let us know in the comments below.