Get the Full Rundown on NFS: Most Wanted’s Single Player in New Video

Electronic Arts and Criterion Games aim to redefine the way you play driving games with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. With an impressive open-world full of various things to do, there’s plenty to keep car aficionados busy for hours on end.

In the first episode of a new video feature series that delves into the gameplay of Most Wanted, we get a look at the racer’s single-player offerings. Those who prefer a solo experience will be impressed with all of the options that are available.

Not only is Fairhaven City completely open for you to explore, but every car is immediately available at the outset of the game if you can find it within in city. Check out the clip below for all of the juicy details.

PlayStation LifeStyle will be getting some extended hands-on time with the game very soon, so be sure to check back here early next month for an in-depth look at all that Criterion’s racer has to offer.