Persona 4: The Golden Dated for North American Release

Persona 4: The Golden, Atlus’ updated port for the PlayStation Vita is set to arrive in North America on November 20th.

Fans of the Megami Tensei franchise swear by this game, and rightly so, as it was one of the best role-playing experiences that ever graced the PlayStation 2. If for whatever reason you didn’t play it back in its original form and you’re looking for something to play on your Vita during the cool fall days, Persona 4: The Golden will scratch that JRPG itch.

The game has benefited significantly from its translation to the Vita, with gorgeous graphics that virtually jump off the handheld’s stunning OLED screen. There’s a reason why the game’s release in Japan caused a spike in Vita sales. Even though it’s a port, it still possesses the ability to sell systems.

Will you be picking up Persona 4: The Golden when it launches just two days before Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below.