Check PlayStation LifeStyle for Tokyo Game Show Coverage (Vita, PS3, PSP), And While You’re At It, Ask Me Anything

The Tokyo Game Show kicks off in about 14 hours (meaning around 11:00pm or midnight US Eastern, Wednesday night) and for the first time ever, that I’m aware of, PlayStation LifeStyle’s got a guy roaming the show floor. I’ll be playing anything and everything I can get my hands on, and writing as many impressions as my caffeine-fueled fingers will allow.

The other guys and I will also be working to bring you big news as it becomes available.

Check back with PlayStation LifeStyle all this week, as the show lasts through Saturday. If you have any specific questions or requests of things I should play/ask someone/get a picture of/complain about, I will try my honest best to address everyone’s coverage needs and curiosities.