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SCEA PR Suffers Layoffs, “Reorganization”

After SCEA’s PR head left the company for Tapjoy earlier this month, the company has now announced that an unspecified number of its public relations staffers have been let go, with all further PR business moved to the Foster City headquarters.

Sony told about the “departmental reorganization”, saying “all SCEA public relations efforts will now be run solely out of Foster City headquarters. This has no impact on [Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios], San Diego Studio which will continue to operate its normal course of business.”

The news follows in the wake of a string of layoffs this year, after BigBig was closed in January, Zipper Interactive was shut in March, 10,000 employees were laid off in April, Sony Mobile lost 1,000 employees in August and Sony Liverpool was shuttered last month.

PSLS would like to offer our best wishes to those sadly now without a job.