First Batch of Sleeping Dogs DLC Arriving Next Month

United Front Game’s Hong Kong action open-world title Sleeping Dogs is getting add-on content in just a few weeks in the form of five packs that will be released throughout the month of October.

The first piece of downloadable content will come in the form of the “Street Racer Pack” which adds a new car, boat and bike race as well a new bike and riding apparel. Next up is the “SWAT Pack”, which adds a new SWAT outfit and 20 cop missions.

The third pack, dubbed the “Tactical Soldier Pack” adds new weapons and armor for Wei Shen’s use. Following that is the “Community Pack” which will be free of charge and contains a surprise for players. And the final piece of content will be a story-centric add-on, which will be detailed at a later date.

Stay tuned for additional details on the upcoming DLC for Sleeping Dogs as the month of October draws close.