Gravity Rush is Probably Getting a Sequel

Gravity Rush (or Gravity Daze as it’s known as in Japan) is a title you’ve likely heard endless positive accolades for by gamers, and journalists alike (our own Heath Hindman gave Gravity Rush a glowing 9.0!) so it shouldn’t surprise you that the gravity defying title scored itself a GOTY award at TGS, which is still underway.

Congratulating the director Keiichiro Toyama and everyone at Siren Studio should be top priority, and the focus of this article in fact, but as entitled gamers we really only care about what came of this award – a very strong hint at a sequel.

Gravity Rush fans flocked to director Keiichiro Toyama’s Twitter to congratulate him on this award, and one fan wove: “Looking forward to the sequel!” into his congrats, to which Mr. Toyama replied that he’ll work hard to make the “best sequel” naturally Toyama was probed for clarification, and his response ending up stating that it’s “a secret”

Are you looking forward to a possible Gravity Rush sequel, or is the original all you’d like to see of Kat?