Daily Reaction: Topless (and Hairy) Borderlands 2 Winners

Today we pick the lucky winners for Friday’s Borderlands 2 T-Shirt giveaway. First, we would thank all of the people who entered through either Seb’s sexy contest, our Disqus comments, or by sending me new topics for Daily Reaction. To those of you who were not lucky enough, or sexy enough to win this contest, make sure you stay tuned to all avenues of PlayStation LifeStyle, as you never know who will be doing the big giveaway! 😉

Seb’s Winners: What I love is that my giveaway – which required stripping off and sending images of your naked body to a pervert – got more submissions than Dan’s easy email. The PSLS community rocks, even if it needs to go to the gym a bit more.

So the first winner is the gorgeous Ryan, as seen above, who graciously gave us permission to use his picture. He gets an XL.

The other winner is Tyler, for superimposing his picture on the Borderlands box art, which was a nice touch. He gets a large.

Thanks again to the 30-40 dudes that got their moobs out for my pleasure, and the one dudette. Free games, free tits, I have the best job ever.

Dan’s Winners: Well apparently either people couldn’t think of many more subjects for our Daily Reaction topical piece, or people just love to take pictures of themselves topless. Although, we did receive a fair amount entries only two entries are going to be able to keep their nips warm this winter.

Our first winner who gets a Large Borderlands 2 T-Shirt is Chandler Wood, while our winner for the X-Large T-Shirt goes too Weston Stuedle.

Disqus Winner: Cameron Colwell, please come to the principal’s office. Your mom says to follow us on Twitter so we can message you, and get you some new clothes for school. That is all.

Thank you guys/gals for your ideas and submissions, and remember if you want to keep seeing Daily Reaction in its many forms, please make sure to get your friends to read it, and leave us TONS of comments. Seb and Dan do this on top of our busy schedules, and want to make it an interesting, entertaining, and random place for everyone, because we love you crazy people.