Kataoka: Sony’s First Impression of Tokyo Jungle Concept was Negative

The wacky world of Tokyo Jungle was not received well by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan when game director Yohei Kataoka first presented the idea. Considering the game’s ridiculous premise, I find that incredibly easy to believe.

Kataoka shared this bit of info with the EU PlayStation Blog, saying, “It was bad! Initially! It wasn’t received so well at the very beginning. I think there weren’t so many people that thought this game would sell just based on the concept.”

However, once the game started coming together, perception of Tokyo Jungle was actually quite positive, especially in Europe.

When we started to show the game in Europe, we saw that there was a good response and reaction and that actually in some respects pushed forward the development of the game. Like any other project, it might just have stopped with a Japanese release, or depending on how gamers and media reacted, it may actually have stopped development all together.

But we had an opportunity to show the videos to Europe and US audiences and the European audience thought it was hilarious. So maybe there is something more similar in the sensibilities of Europeans and the Japanese.

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